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Senior Designer

ladies cut & finish £56.50
blow dry short  £30.00  long   £34.50
mens cut & finish £36.50

Team Director

ladies cut & finish £63.50
blow dry short  £30.50  long   £36.50
mens cut & finish £40.00

Salon Director

ladies cut & finish £69.00
blow dry short  £33.50  long   £38.50
mens cut & finish £43.00


ladies cut & finish £74.00
blow dry short  £35.50  long   £41.00
mens cut & finish £46.00

Creative Director


Re-styles will carry a surcharge from £5.00.
Free Consultations are always available.



Technician from £45 Senior Technician from £51 Colour Expert £58

Hair-line & parting

Technician from £64 Senior Technician from £69 Colour Expert £73

Half head

Technician from £89 Senior Technician from £95 Colour Expert £102

Full head

Technician from £122 Senior Technician from £134 Colour Expert £141


by quotation – ranges from £95

Balayage is applied free hand, by painting the colour onto the hair. This allows for a sun kissed natural looking hair colour with softer less noticeable re-growth lines.



Technician from £77 Senior Technician from £83 Colour Expert £104


Whole head bleach & toner

Technician from £74 Senior Technician from £79 Colour Expert £100


Technician from £45 Senior Technician from £48 Colour Expert £52

Color change or correction

by quotation


Olaplex £26

Olaplex reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair that are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services. Olaplex can be added to your colour repairing your hair whilst being coloured or it can be used as a stand alone treatment with a cut and blowdry or just a blowdry.

Keratin Treatment by quotation – ranges from £136

A treatment for all hair types formulated to combat frizz, soften and improve shine in damaged or chemically stressed hair. Gives all hair types instant manageability. Milkshake Treatment £10 A mask that nourishes, strengthens and adds body to your hair. Works on the inner and outer structure of the hair giving you vibrant and healthy results.

Perming by quotation

HAIR UP/Braiding from £21


Wet Shave £36.50

Moisturiser followed by traditional hot towel, a cut throat razor shave followed by a second moisturisation with hottowel and massage.

Luxury Wet Shave £62.50

Mens cut and finish followed by moisturiser, traditional hot towel, a cut throat razor shave followed by a second moisturisation with hot towel and massage.